Mark Reeve

Anyone serious about their techno will certainly have come across the name Mark Reeve.


Moving to Germany from England 15 years ago in search of an inspirational scene that embraced his tough uncompromising sound. First discovered by Sven Väth, Mark has since gone on to establish a reputation totally respected by his peers through groundbreaking productions on iconic labels such as Afterlife, Drumcode, Soma, Cocoon, Bedrock, SubVision and many more. Fully established on the scene, Mark has helped push electronic music forwards as a solo artist, while working with true heavyweights like AdamBeyer and Pig&Dan.

Equally at home behind the decks and a mixer live as he is in the studio, Mark’s DJ sets have been receiving fantastic feedback, with his talent and artistic vision, taking listeners on a thrilling journey full of hard driving beats and intense melodies at dance floors around the globe such as Awakenings, Tomorrowland, Gashouder, Space Ibiza, Fabrik Madrid or Rex Club.
As an essential step in his evolution, Mark was to set up a record label in the form of the excellent „SubVision“. „SubVision“ acts as a platform not only for Mark but for all kinds of true talent to keep pushing their underground sound onto dance floors worldwide. „SubVision“ has been quietly growing and maturing in approach the encompasses Mark’s values as a DJ and Producer, offering a forward thinking selection of all new cutting edge music with a focus on breaking new artists alongside established names at the top of their game.

Not only „SubVision“ but in late 2022 Mark decided to create an additional project called „Able to Resist“ and establish himself another platform for his melodic sound design. With on going releases with „Afterlife“ from „Tale of Us“ planned for 2023 it was an easy decision for him to make. „Able to Resist“ acts as a new project but at the same time a new label for more releases with even more melodic touch to them. Mark is one of those people that wears his heart on his sleeve. A true craftsman you can feel that rawness and emotion in his music which is filled with a vision,true passion and intentional excitement.